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Scandinavian Imports, Inc., Scan-Care, started in 1980 in Racine, Wisconsin.  The company was founded on the basic principal and goal of manufacturing and providing the best leather and wood care products in Europe and the U.S.

Over the past several years Scandinavian Imports has added additional products to it's line for treatment and care of various kinds of wood furniture, especially teak wood.  Adding to the line of fine products offered by Scandinavian Imports, leather cleaners and leather balsams are also available for the care of your leather furniture, clothing, motor-cycle accessories, automobiles and other cherished leather products.





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A Whole Sale Supplier of high quality products for

the care and treatment of leather and wood

 We carry only the finest of products for the care and treatment of your leather and wood.  Please browse the featured products below to find the one that fits your unique needs in caring for your leather or wood. 

                    CAVO ORIGINAL LEATHER CARE


CAVO's Original Leather Care is one of the most recognized leather care products sold worldwide.   This product is chemical-free, ph correct and environmentally safe.  Use this product to clean and condition your fine smooth leather.  CAVO's Original Leather Care will also soften and moisturize while it safely removes surface dirt and stains.


                               AVAILABLE IN 8 OZ. BOTTLES - 20 BOTTLES PER CASE




                               SCAN CARE CLEAN & FEED


Scan-Care Clean & Feed is an emulsified furniture oil designed for the finest teak furniture. This product has excellent cleaning power and provides a long lasting oil impregnation of the wood.  Clean & Feed protects the wood surface from drying out and gives your furniture a dull finish, underlining the natural color, beauty and structural integrity of your furniture. 


                          AVAILABLE IN 8 & 16 OZ. BOTTLES - 12 BOTTLES PER CASE




                    SCAN CARE TEAK OIL

Scan-Care Teak Oil is a  high quality, professional oil used for the treatment and maintenance of wood surfaces, especially teak.  The oil is used to clean and saturate teak and other woods.  Regular treatment maintains your wood furniture or wood products while keeping drying to a minimum.


                         AVAILABLE IN 8 & 16 OZ. BOTTLES - 12 BOTTLES PER CASE




Scand-Oil is a comprehensive wood care product designed to clean, polish and protect.  It is formulated from U.S.P. and food grade oils and is sandalwood scented.  Scand-Oil is NON TOXIC.  This product cleans by dissolving dirt, food and residue from old polishes or waxes, leaving the surface clean and lustrous.  Scand-Oil also protects your wood by leaving an ultra-thin barrier of oil in the tiny pores of the finish on the wood.   Scand-Oil is ideal for the rescue and revitalization of wood.


                                  AVAILABLE IN 12 & 32 OZ. BOTTLES - 12 BOTTLES PER CASE



                CAVO LEATHER CARE BYCAST         

BY CAST is designed especially for by cast leather.  It preserves the pliancy and elasticity of the polyurethane, as well as revitalizing, cleaning and nourishing your leather. 


                   AVAILABLE IN 16 OZ. BOTTLES - 20 BOTTLES PER CASE





                         CAVO COW CARE          

CAVO Cow Care has been specially developed to care for "hair-on" cowhide.  It cleans the hair and leaves the surface soft and silky.  Cow Care works well to clean and condtion the hair to prevent a dry shabby appearance.  Regular use of this product will prolong the life of cow hide..


                        AVAILABLE IN 5 OZ. BOTTLES - 20 BOTTLES PER CASE         




                CAVO FURNITURE POLISH  

CAVO Furniture Polish is perfect for matte and highly polished furniture, pianos and other varnished wood furniture and products.  CAVO's Furniture Polish cleans and polishes your furniture leaving it with an attractive sheen that is not greasy.  It will also protect your furniture from dust and grime.


                         AVAILABLE IN 16 OZ. BOTTLES - 20 BOTTLES PER CASE



                 Although pictured, Mastercabinet Maker is no longer available                                        



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